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Grand Blanc Outdoors is a year-round full service power equipment store. Full service meaning we offer sales of new equipment, parts to repair and maintain your equipment, and a service department to maintain and repair your equipment. We have been located in downtown Grand Blanc since 1967.

The current owner, Mike Cieciwa, has been the owner since 1982, reaching the milestone of 30 years in business December 2012. Mike began his career at Grand Blanc Outdoors in 1972, working during his high school years.

Grand Blanc Outdoors has diversified over the years. In the beginning power equipment sales-parts-service was the only product offered. Different products have been offered over the last 30 years. Some of these products have been wooden swing sets, wooden furniture, UPS shipping, Christmas trees, and pet supplies. Currently, besides power equipment, we offer propane refill service, Weber grills, patio furniture, and backyard accessories. Our core business is still selling and servicing premium power equipment.

Grand Blanc Outdoors employs 13 employees. All have worked at Grand Blanc Outdoors for many years. These employees have built a team that is dedicated to their work and are the most knowledgeable, qualified, and professional people in the business. Shop Grand Blanc Outdoors for premium products with name brands like Toro, STIHL, Weber, Snapper, Grasshopper, and Mantis. Our Home and Garden Showplace offers patio furniture and backyard accessories such as Henri carved stone fountains, birdbaths and statuary, Telescope casual furniture, Agio courtyard classics, and hundreds of seasonal and American flags that are a step above what you might find elsewhere. When you are looking for an alternative to big box stores, come to Grand Blanc Outdoors, "Where the most important people in the world pass through our doors: OUR CUSTOMERS."